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We're well aware that the planet is facing a serious threat right now. We have created a video about Canada's issues with waste management and our contribution to the global problem. We're not the first organization to do something like this and hopefully we're not the last. We're doing our best with the resources available to us to spread this message to everyone. YOU, as a viewer, are one the most powerful resources in spreading the word. Your decision to share this video with your followers, friends, and family will help spread this timely and undeniable message. We often hear the cliché "knowledge is power". Sayings like this are generally seen as "cliché" because they're true. We are hoping you will help us spread the message far and wide and start supporting companies like us that are dedicated to you and the planet. Together, #WeCare can make a difference for the better in the world. Your awareness and action today will contribute towards a better tomorrow.


​Here at NOCU we often release products made of recycled polyester. We want to be part of the solution by providing our customers with high quality, fashionable, and sustainable apparel. If you, as a consumer, would like to support brands that truly care you need to begin (or continue) buying from companies like ours.


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Cheers All,

Ved Das


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