You'll get exclusive access to a curated collection of our products at a discount.

Your task as an ambassador will be to create quality content for whatever social media mediums you use. Whether you're a Blogger, Youtuber, or Instagram Influencer (maybe all 3).


post on social media

 Once you've created some quality content... Go ahead and post it! Make sure to tag us and also leave links to our website if possible.

We'll provide you with promo codes which you can pass on to your followers. The promo codes will provide them with discounts on products. These promo codes help us track how many sales you help make. So it's of utmost importance that you use them to your advantage!

get paid

We track your sales metrics by keeping score of how many of your promo codes were used and on what products. To keep you up-to-date with that we'll send you weekly reports.

20% of the profits from each sale you help produce will be paid to you. We send e-transfers to our ambassadors bi-weekly. All balances are paid in CAD.

Image by Andrew Ly


We also track your sales metrics to keep score for our rewards system. You can earn your way to free products, trips, and even earn your way to a profit share!

Again, to keep track of this it's imperative that you use the promo code. Perform well, and you can earn your way to some exciting rewards!