The Mission

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At NOCU we have a great deal of love and respect for Canadian culture. Canada is truly one of the best places to live in the world in a lot of ways. We should all consider ourselves lucky to live in such an incredible and culturally-diverse part of the world.

While this is all true, things can always be better! Our mission is to progress the culture of Canada forward. We want to leave an impact on the culture that goes far beyond just selling a t-shirt. Our current mission is to bring our streetwear to the forefront of Canadian style, and do our part to reduce Canada's carbon footprint.

The Cold Hard Truth


"Sustainable" apparel really isn't a thing is it? The act of making clothes for consumption isn't sustainable. With that being said we care about the planet and couldn't consciously make products that cause damage to the Eco-system. That's why we create "sustainable" apparel, explore new avenues in fashion, and inspire those who follow.


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