Our Products

Ontario's Finest Streetwear

We manufacture our products using fully or partially sustainable processes, practices, and materials. The highest quality fabrics we source on the market include:


- Extremely durable & comfy

- Grown without the use of pesticides

- 2 to 3 harvests per year 

- Raw materials imported from Asia

 Organic Cotton 

- Grown without the

use of pesticides & chemicals

- Durable & highly comfy

- 1 harvest per year

- Raw materials imported from USA or Asia

 Recycled Plastic (RPET) 

- Recycled from post-consumer plastic to create high quality polyester material

- Durable & comfy 

- Sourced internationally

We ensure that the products we get are top quality, so the end user can enjoy them for as long as possible. When buying from us you're not only getting top of the line streetwear, you're also helping put a stop to some of the more destructive ways of the apparel industry. 

We also produce most of our products "on-demand" to ensure that we don't over-produce a product. Thus, in a sense, all our products are limited edition.